The Accident Injury Lawyer Can Help You Settle Fairly

byAlma Abell

Going through the process of trying to settle an accident claim can be annoying at best. Insurance adjusters are carefully trained to be able to successfully pressure individuals into settling as quickly as possible and without the aid of an accident injury lawyer. When a victim is not represented by a lawyer, they may find themselves in over their heads and under a tremendous amount of pressure. Injured victims who work with a lawyer end up getting more in their settlement.


The reason lawyers can help victims get more in the way of compensation is because the lawyer knows what a client’s injury claim is truly worth. Being able to carefully analyze the medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wage information a client provides can allow a bonafide estimate of value to be placed on the claim so the lawyer will know how much to pursue and when to settle.

Insurance adjusters will often encourage claimants to avoid hiring a lawyer. The adjuster does not want the victim to be represented by a lawyer because the adjuster knows they will be held to a higher standard of fairness. The adjuster knows if they do not treat the claimant fairly, the lawyer may begin the process of pursuing a case in court.

Using aggressive negotiating tactics, the accident injury lawyer will work to pursue a claim to get the highest possible settlement offer. This may mean they will hold mediation meetings or even arbitration meetings in an attempt to settle outside of the confines of the court.

If a settlement cannot be reached, this does not mean the process of pursuit is over. The lawyer will simply file a lawsuit and begin preparing for the trial that will take place before a judge and jury. In most accident claims, the lawyer does not get paid unless a win is achieved.

Injured victims have the right to receive a fair settlement. If you need help with your legal pursuit, visit This site offers all the information individuals need to know about the law firm and how they help victims receive fair compensation for their injuries and damages. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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