Minimizing Health Risks For People With Special Needs By Incorporating Fitness

Minimizing Health Risks for People with Special Needs by Incorporating Fitness


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Physical fitness and nutrition are two of the most researched items on the Internet today. The reason behind the search is that the risks of health issues based on obesity are on the rise. For the average person, seeking out physical fitness and healthy eating habits are commonplace. Changing and developing the fitness regimen and nutritional habits are an entirely different story. Those with special needs; however, may not place a priority on achieving or maintaining a healthy weight; not without prompting anyway. The situation at hand, with the evidence of an obesity epidemic, suggests it is time for everyone to take a good look at their health to determine where and if they can make changes to improve their fitness outlook.

An Uphill Battle


The health risks amongst those with intellectual and physical disabilities are not standard, as each person varies based on their own biological and neurological composition. Each individual with special needs carries their own set of primary health issues that relate to their disability, but when combined with being overweight or obese, secondary health risks have the chance of causing further limitations in their lives. Some individuals with special needs have limited mobility, and cannot partake in rigorous physical activity, which prompts them to weigh in at higher kilograms than what would be considered average. Many individuals with special needs, however; do have the capability to participate in a fitness program, with minimal limits but may need the encouragement to do so.

Health Risks

While it would be impossible to detail every health risk that could be connected to obesity in an individual with special needs, a primary source of concern is cardiovascular disease. The heart is a strong organ, but without it we have zero chance for survival. Being overweight or obese causes the heart to work harder, can cause clogged arteries, and increase the chances of stroke. For an individual with special needs, whose health may be already compromised, the chance of developing heart disease, or worse, can put them in an even more difficult and dangerous situation. Encouraging healthy physical fitness and nutrition habits for an individual with special needs will make you their personal hero. If it hasn\’t been stated enough, those with disabilities continue to need advocates; people in their corner promoting their well-being.

Cutting the Risk

An individual with special needs, specifically with a profound hearing loss, helped found an organisation that was developed to encourage participation by others with special needs in sports programs designed for those with disabilities. The mission of the organisation is to provide a social outlet that also helps develop the athletic abilities of those with special needs. The types of programs offered range from dance, tennis, basketball, indoor soccer, boxing drills, and MMA fitness classes (Mixed Martial Arts fitness). Along with receiving an excellent workout, these programs are sure to help drop the kilos, and promote a healthy lifestyle even outside of the facility. With the rate of obesity on the rise, this organization is an excellent resource to help shrink the waistline and reduce unwanted health problems.


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