High End Furniture Vitality Into The China Market Adds

By Lanbo Jiang

House actually Lin Wang Peng said the North’s capital, geographical location and orientation relative to fit the highend villas, the International Furniture Museum Shiran the emergence of consumer demand. With the highend furniture market continues to expand, a growing number of domestic and imported brands in this market, then desire to share. In recent years, China’s highend furniture consumption has been showing rapid growth trend, not only at home business has focused on creating highend domestic brands, foreign brands have a lot of highend furniture, settled in the face of this market, manufacturers, merchants continue to expand , entrepreneurs have no doubt that the highend market, digestion end of this month, but still the House of the North Fourth Ring International Pavilion will be officially opened at home to become Beijing’s top domestic market is another heavyweight stores.

“Eastward the west wind” in the ascendant”

Many media have reported in last year out of highend furniture, under adverse rosy news, it seems that the highend furniture, and not subject to international financial turmoil, from the ?????, OKAY dragon, China and Botswana to see furniture shops, stores, import and domestic stability in highend furniture sales. On the one hand the expansion of imported furniture, more vigorously, one is committed to developing highend national brand product line, the highend furniture market, how much space there? Entrepreneurs to see what kind of a prospect? It is reported that from 2002 to 200 million U.S. dollars by 2007 one billion U.S. dollars, 5 years, China’s imports of furniture every year 30% of the total number of increments. Market capacity now seems even greater.

Rui Huang, chairman of Pan Qinglong fine at home, said China now has become more wealthy, their consumption needs and the quality of life requirements are constantly trying to improve, the highend furniture, can not say there is no market. Fu YiLi Song, general manager of home, said in an interview on the domestic highend furniture market with confidence, “because real estate appreciation, most Beijing residents now own their own homes, with the present prices, in the rings in a more than 100 square units, at least be 2 million, suddenly so many rich people, they only have 1 percent of people are interested in highlevel furniture can come up with onetenth the price, to purchase furniture, then this the market is too worth the wait! ”


Furniture Association, VicePresident Miss Yu Xiusu said in an interview, the Beijing market is concerned about a lot of highend furniture brands in a market, because Beijing has focused on the purchasing power of many consumers, each share of Beijing imported furniture markets across the country occupy the first rank Several sufficient to show that the market digested strong ability. Such as Leonardo da Vinci has been home for many years stationed in the Beijing market, from which, after removal of COFCO Plaza settled Friendship Store, preparing to expand her store to attract more international top household brands such as Versace, Fendi and so settled, that is, that market demand, the capacity gradually A good example of the expansion.

More and more entrepreneurs will be the domestic market as a highend home in Denver, the Chinese middle class, increase the ratio also makes this a good opportunity for foreign furniture brands have settled possible. According to Miss Yu said, Russia, Spain and Romania, highend furniture brands such places as the recent Beijing is also seeking to enter the markets.

Imports of furniture to open flagship store has become a trend

In recent years, the North Fourth Ring, opened its flagship store along the national furniture brands. August 27, 2009, a building from the Bolloni “When Rafael dream of Peach Blossom Spring,” North Korea will be held at the 9, which means Italy SAVIOFIRMINO products across the board in China. November 28 the same year, the Group’s brandRui Huang Yves Saint Laurent boutique in the capital of the North Fourth Ring Chinese furniture Lun House grand opening, opening of boutique furniture is brand new home is now the Group. The highend imports entering the 2010 yet to reduce the momentum of the brand furniture shop, January 11 from the top rank of U.S. residential furniture brands FFDM American fine furniture, the first flagship store in Beijing, the official opening, FFDM visit Beijing a strong trend of furniture markets for capital to start a gluttonous feast of consumers. Industry said that with the gradual recovery of the real estate market, imported furniture market will usher in a new round of fierce competition.

International household brand in China is quite highend market

In Beijing, COFCO Plaza used to be stationed in Beijing international highend brand market, the “old familiar” home base, and then, as well as Oriental Plaza, Financial Street Shopping Center, represented by highend stores have begun to enter the ranks, while in the East Third Ring Road PanCBD area, home world, Klass flagship store that imports of furniture for many years. House actually opened up other stores also specialize in imported home Museum, imported furniture market in recent years, along with the expansion of imports of highend brands stationed in highend stores from the transformation of the brand’s flagship store to open an independent business, industry sources said the import of highend furniture, independent shop Not only can not be controlled by stores, with store expansion “is expansion”, but also help showcase its brand, to form a unique style, and deepen their own image. And this model has gradually become the top domestic brand trends.

Domestic brands targeting highend products

Looking at the domestic highend household brand, but also wind and water. Home in the local development of highend brands, it seems that in the production, brand positioning, aftersales service have more advantages of geographical proximity. October 30, 2009, operating area of nearly 1,500 square meters of Fu Yihome officially opened in Beijing recently opened furniture store on the strength of Fu Yiintroduced the classic, casual and modern style, the three a total of 16 series of the latest products, Let the highend furniture market in Beijing, one more choice. It is understood that, since September last year, since the shift to domestic sales by exporting excess furniture has been a blessing after another in Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to open a firstline brand stores, the unique mode of Direct chain directed to seize the domestic highend target furniture consumer market.

Is also the progressive development of the domestic wood furniture

In the furniture industry, the top hundredresistant Trier, Peugeot, Fort Greene are all efforts to develop highend brands such as solid wood furniture business, virtually has also accelerated the highend furniture market. Moreover, as quiet a few years in the market and then re”back” in five wooden furniture, home to a new plan to open factories and create a highend furniture products, called Ruili.

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