Cosmetic Surgery For Beauty Queens: Yes, It Happens

By Beth Munoz

Beauty pageants are rather outdated in their philosophy. They are basically a competition in which many young women compete based more on their looks than anything else. They parade around the stage in various forms of attire or lack thereof, and whoever the judges think is the prettiest wins.

Some of these women are naturally beautiful, but it is very possible that some of them have definitely had cosmetic surgery. Women who are on the beauty queen circuit are very much dedicated to winning; so much so, in fact, that they would even resort to cosmetic surgery in their quest for the crown.

Now, it all seems rather ridiculous that women would be so very focused on changing their appearance for this reason. Beauty pageants were originally designed to showcase a woman’s natural beauty, after all. So, regardless of the cosmetic surgery aspect, how does a beauty pageant participant prepare?

First of all, a tan needs to be obtained. Why? Because a tan makes you look thinner and more toned. It also hides various skin imperfections. Most women thus flock to their nearest tanning salon. True, they could go to a spray tan facility, but their tan would give them a nice orange look, and it would come off on their clothes.


Also, the women need to practice their talents for the show. There’s always a segment of each pageant where the participants sing, dance, or maybe even juggle. Obviously, in order to impress the judges, the ladies have to not only be the best at their chosen talent, but they need to look fabulous while doing their talent.

So, there’s a lot of pressure. So much pressure, in fact, that the women sometimes decide to alter their appearance to give themselves the advantage over their peers. This is where cosmetic surgery comes in. It is important to keep in mind that no matter what the pageant, there are usually rules that forbid against this sort of thing, but that does not seem to deter some women.

As for the kinds of procedures they have done, one of the most popular is to have breast enhancement. Generally, these women watch what they eat, so they end up having rather flat chests. Those who have a natural hourglass figure are already ahead of the game here.

Then, there is the nose issue. Very rarely does a woman actually have this kind of surgery to make her nose smaller. Rather, she might have what she feels to be too wide of a nose, or a nose that is fine except for the bump that is on it. This kind of surgery is thus referred to as rhinoplasty.

Also, a woman who has a little cellulite might prepare for the swimsuit competition by getting liposuction. If a woman is in many beauty pageants, and is thinking of having surgery just for that purpose and nothing else, then that is indication enough that she should think twice about the whole beauty pageant thing in the first place.

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