What To Include In Estimating The Cost Of Constructing Your Own Swimming Pools

By Chris Turley

Estimation is part of making a budget. We do this all the time when we want to purchase something. It is very important especially when you know it involves shelling out thousands of dollars. Knowing how to estimate, lets you visualize how worthy is it to pay for a certain item. It also gives you the advantage of deciding what to forego. This is also a chance for you to understand the importance of each material because it will be itemized. For every dollar it cost, you can weigh the value of the item. If it seems impractical, you can also decide from here on how to find alternatives in order to lower down the cost of acquiring something. For you to make a wise decision whether to go for something or not, you should learn to do estimation of costs.

Estimation is also important in building an in ground pool. Having one on your own is not as simple as buying it on the shelves of the department store (not unless you want the inflatable ones). There are many things you have to look into: money, time, design and even safety. So should you decide to have one, here are the lists of possible items included in the cost of constructing it:

— The cost to have a particular variety of pool (vinyl, fiberglass or concrete). It should include other cost like pool finish and accessories as part of the final touches. Anything that contributes to those extra features you want is also included in the cost.


— You also have to consider how complex your design is. The simpler it is, the lesser it cost. The depth, the added effect and the size are some of the factors that can increase the cost of your pools.

— The cost of hiring someone to build the pool for you. This now refers to your work force, the pool builders or the general contractors. This can be one of the major parts of your estimates because they can be expensive at times.

— The cost of obtaining license or construction permits. This is needed, therefore, you should check on your state or city rules with regard to building pools in residential areas.

— The cost of installing heaters, lightings, electricity, filtration system, sanitation systems and other equipment needed in operating your pools.

— The cost to obtain insurance of your pool. This way if in any case accidents happened and you pool finish cracks, you can see if they will cover the expenses of having it repaired.

All you can see is a big hole filled with water only this time it is fancied up by various materials to create a scenic view. That is just the final look, but making a pool is more intricate than what you have thought. You see those items as part of the cost. Those are just some of the usual things that are included. Remember, the more complex the design, the more expensive it can be.

About the Author: Chris Turley is a consultant for Wet Edge Technologies, supplying a wide variety of

pool finishes

with industry leading technology to support them.



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