Six Common Air Conditioning Problems To Watch Out For

Six Common Air Conditioning Problems To Watch Out For


Jason Stern

Air conditioners are fairly low-maintenance, requiring clean up at least once a year. However, that does not exempt them from mechanical failure. Age, overuse, and environmental factors can be three aggravators for your air conditioning system. And when they interrupt, no amount of cleaning can actually save you from having to incur repair costs. But not all of the issues you will experience are grave and hopeless. Some, you can solve on your own. But just to give you a brief oversight on what may precipitate calling a maintenance man or buying a new unit, here are the six most common air conditioning problems you might come across (and what you can do about them).

1. Wailing sounds. This is a non-urgent issue. However, it can be very annoying to sleep against the background of a noisy air conditioner. Usually, this is caused by dislodged or loose fan belts, which you can troubleshoot by yourself. All you need to do is just uncover the unit and tighten the loose part. You should also check the motor bearings since they may need replacement or lubrication.

2. Frozen coils. This can be caused by low levels of chemical refrigerants or an airflow problem mostly attributed to dirty filters or blockages in the ducts. When it happens, the air conditioner is not able to cool down the air as effectively as it should. Usually, heat pumps are able to reduce this problem. But, sometimes, they do not act fast enough. In such cases, recalibration is necessary. And a qualified technician might have to be called in to do the job.


3. Leakage. This is also a very common problem and it is often caused by rusted condensations pans, loose tubes, and blockages. It usually leads to mold and mildew infestation as well as water damage if left untreated. To correct the problem, you can just check the system for the exact reason of the leakage and replace parts if necessary.

4. Blocked grills. Sometimes, things just get into the system and keep everything from moving forward. Grills can be blocked by anything, from dirt to stray hair. If you have this problem, you can just disassemble the unit, take out the fan, fins, motor and grills, wipe them down carefully and then put them back for a test run.

5. Sensor Problems. It is possible for you air conditioning s sensor to be knocked out of position. So don t be surprised to one day find that your unit is behaving erratically and not following the standard air conditioning cycle. When this happens, carefully reposition the wire near the coil so the thermostat reassumes its role of measuring and regulating temperature.

6. Faulty wirings and lack of electric control. Motors can wear out. Wires can corrode. And terminal connections may not be there anymore. There are times too when bad wiring lay outs prevent the AC from working to its optimum level. It is important that you get a professional involved immediately in this problem since this could be a dangerous and potential fire hazard.

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