Simple And Easy Cardio Exercise Tips

Submitted by: Mark Hall

Dancing, swimming and biking, all three of them have something in common, they are exercise! One of the best ways to get yourself started is to do something you like to do, and you don t need to go all out to do it. Do I have your attention? Good keep reading for some great cardio exercise tips that are tried and true! You will get great results from choosing the type of exercise that is best for you, tips for beginners, who are just starting out, and suggestions on good cool-downs and stretches.

Picking your cardio exercise can be difficult. It is strongly recommended, that you pick something that you enjoy doing and can do on your own as well as with someone if you want to have a work out partner. Dancing is good and has many sub forms, everything from ballet, swing dancing, to the modern wonder of belly dancing. All of these are great workouts. Swimming is a wonderful way to work out. Do laps, have races with some of the others in the pool, or just go and swim around. Biking is another option, a wonderful option that can easily be done alone or in a group or even as a means to get to another fun activity or even work! Walking is another good way to get into the cardio groove. If you have health concerns, always work with your doctor in selecting the exercise that is best for you!

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Just starting out, it is a good idea to see how far you can go comfortably to find where your limit is. The goal here is to start exercising a couple times a week to get your body used to it, and to get into a routine. It does not matter if it s only a few minutes a couple times a week the goal is to build you up steadily. Keep at it until you find you re able to do your chosen activity for at least 30 minutes a session then start adding in another day a week until you re able to get it done. Remember it s slow and steady that wins the race. It s no good to burn yourself out before you even really get started.

Stretches and cool downs are recommended for any type of exercise that you do. Even if, your chosen exercise is walking, it s always a good idea to stretch out your muscles before you begin. A good recommendation is roughly five to fifteen minutes of stretches before you exercise and after your cool down. This will help you to loosen your muscles and ready them for use. Think of stretches as the muscles preferred coffee. For cool downs, walk around at a leisurely pace to stretch out a bit. Swimming in a pool at a leisure pace is always a good way to end an exercise routine. It can only be hoped that you enjoyed these cardio exercise tips and that they help you to achieve your goal to be healthy.

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