Proven Method To Make Your Own Herbal Hair Gel

Hair gels are not good for you. This is so because they often contain chemicals. Maybe you are already aware of the hazards of using professional hair conditioners and hair gels. The ones that are sold in drug stores. In fact hair gels will block up your hair pores and quite readily suffocate your hair follicles; this usually leads to thinning hair and hair loss. Commercial hair gels also very often have chemicals and fillers that strip out natural oils and dry out your Hair. A mane without sebum is dry and lifeless.

I am about to share with you how to make your very own natural herbal hair gel. The basic component of this herbal hair gel is gelatin. Gelatin is a protein compound created from the collagen that is found in animal bones

In making one application of this home made herbal hair gel, you will want a tablespoon of gelatin (you could find this in any discount vitamin store) and a cup of water.


To produce this gel: Simply mix the gelatin to the warm water. You want to stir the gelatin into the hot water until it is fully blended. When it gets thick as a gel you are done

In making this hair gel you will need the ideal hair growth herb. The ideal herbs are Amla, Neem, aloe, Eclipta Alba, hibiscus and so many more. All these are herbs that have been proven to strengthen your mane. They key is to using the right herbs which have to be potent and strong. The sad fact is that most herbs on the market tend to be of poor quality

And are usually weak and diluted. So look only for the finest superior herbs.

For example if we choose hibiscus as our herb. We can take that herb and boil it into warm water. Once it comes to a boil we let it sit and then sift the herbs away from the water. Now use the herb water and mix with the gelatin. You mix the two and then place the mixture into the fridge

Now you can utilize it as you would any other any other herbal hair gel. Simple rub in between both hands and model your hair as necessary

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