Life Changes Mortgage Refinance Can Help

Life Changes – Mortgage Refinance Can Help



When you buy your home and you sign on the dotted line, you are sure at that time what your life will be like in one year, five years, ten years, and even 30 years from that time. The problem is that things change all the time and many of these changes are out of our control, and when things change it can affect how affordable our homes are for us or the way we want to deal with our mortgage payments. Mortgage refinance can help you make the changes to your mortgage that you need or want so that your payments are more affordable, more stable, or simply more suited to your current life or expectations for the future.

Mortgage Refinance Allows You to Change with the Times


Even if you have only lived in your home for two or three years, things may have changed and you might realize that you need to make some changes to your home loan, as well. A simple way to make changes to your home loan, without selling or being foreclosed on, is by looking into mortgage refinance. Through refinancing you can lower your payment or simply change the type of loan that you have to make it more fitting to your life.

One of the easiest things to do with mortgage refinance is lower your monthly payment. You can do this simply by lowering your interest rate by two to three percent. A good way to look at this is consider the fact that you could have bought a home three years ago for $115,000 and now you owe $108,000 on it and you are paying eight percent interest. This seems to be a pretty good deal and your payments would be average but you could save more if you refinanced just the $108,000 and reduced the interest rate to five percent. Not only are you paying on less money you are paying less interest on that money, so you are saving all around.

Many people need to make their payments more stable and that is why they choose mortgage refinance. For instance, if you bought the same $115,000 home three years ago and you started off with an ARM loan that had an introductory rate of three percent that will be going up to nine percent in six months. This is a huge jump and will affect your monthly payment in a huge way because you are tripling the interest payment! Refinancing and getting a fixed-rate mortgage will allow you to secure a rate that will probably fall in the middle of these interest rates, around six percent, and you will not only have the benefit of a still affordable monthly payment, you will have the stability that you may want or need based on your lifestyle or your income.

As you can see, there are some great ways that you can change your home loan to fit your lifestyle as it changes. You don’t want to refinance all the time, but when you believe it is time to make a change, look into home refinance and what it can do for you. The process can be quick and easy but it can be something that impacts your life in a positive way for years to come. is managed by a group of professionals in the

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