A Guide To Buying Cd/Dvd Duplicators?

Submitted by: Constantin Kioulafas

So many brands, so many features, how do you choose the best CD/DVD duplicator for your needs? Well, there are certain principles that you can follow when buying a CD or DVD/CD Duplicator that will help. What follows is a brief guide discussing the key elements to consider.

A CD DVD duplicator can really make your duplication jobs faster and more organized. Efficiency in data management comes naturally with a duplicator. So when you decide to buy a duplicator, there are a few key points that you need to keep in mind before choosing the brand and make of the unit, that will best suit your requirements.

While price is always an important factor, keep in mind that when you pay for something, you get matching quality and performance. You need to invest in a duplicator that also delivers on performance as well as price.

Buying a CD DVD duplicator is no different to buying any other type of gadget and you are influenced by factors like the brand and manufacturer, after sales support, performance, reliability and of course the price as we ve already mentioned. The three key factors apart from price, that most influence the decision when buying a duplicator, are the design, configuration, and customer service and support.


The Design

Design is a key reason many of us buy most things, and duplicators are no exception. An attractive design adds class to your office or work set up. But design covers a broad range of things, a lot more than just how something looks. If a duplicator is not well designed, it may be difficult or awkward to operate. So design also plays a role in terms of functionality. Materials used are another consideration. There s nothing like a nice finish, but will it last, especially under extreme use and conditions. Does the case offer adequate ventilation?

There is also the design of any software used, and the interface with the duplicator. Many duplicators can be operated remotely from a PC, while others only provide a keypad and LCD display, so a good and uncomplicated interface is crucial for quick and easy operation.


The duplicator configuration determines things like how many drives your duplicator has, which directly affects how quickly you can make copies. This may not be an issue with small runs, but for larger jobs, this can knock off a considerable amount of time. Drive configurations start from 1 drive systems and can reach as many as 15 drives. Some systems can be daisy chained together to form even larger configurations.

If you need to duplicate a large number of different images (an image in duplicator terms is the complete contents of one disc, be it a movie or a collection of files used in a product presentation), then consider getting a duplicator with a built in hard disk drive. Images are stored on the hard disk and called up for duplication when required.

Customer service and support

The best duplicator can become a nightmare if after sales and service is poor or non-existent. You may not need help or support with your duplicator every time you use it, but when the need arises, it is important and good to know that the manufacturer is there to help out. So always buy CD DVD duplicators from well known resellers and manufacturers that offer comprehensive after sales support.

Keeping these key elements in mind next time you are considering buying a duplicator will hopefully help you make the most appropriate choice for you duplication needs.

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